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Liberty/Salisbury intersection closes Monday, Sept. 13

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The intersection at the corner of Liberty Rd and Salisbury Rd will close on Monday, Sept. 13, 2021 for the construction on a roundabout. The project should be complete by Oct. 30.

Access to our neighborhood from Liberty Rd. at Salisbury Rd. will be completely closed. From our neighborhood, you may take Torrington Dr. to go north on Liberty Rd. but you will not be able to turn right to go south.

People driving southbound on Liberty Dr. will be directed to take Seldom Seen West to Sawmill Rd (because you cannot turn left at Powell Rd). Those further south will be directed onto Torrington Dr. People driving northbound will be directed to take Hard Rd. to Sawmill Rd. to travel north. See the maps below for more details on the detours.

Questions about school busing changes should be directed to the OLSD Transportation Department at (740) 657-4080

Questions about detours and work should be directed to the Delaware Co. Engineer’s Office.

Liberty/Salisbury Roundabout: Start Date is Sept. 13

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The Delaware Co. Engineer’s office decided today that the roundabout project will begin on Sept. 13 and they plan to finish by Oct. 30. Access to our neighborhood from Liberty at Salisbury will be completely closed. See the maps below with the detours.

Notice to Residents on Camden Court

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Attention to Residents on CAMDEN COURT: The Liberty Twp Road Department will repair the settlement in the road beginning early Monday morning (Aug. 30). Residents are asked to park their cars on Torrington by Sunday night and will not have street access while repair is being completed. Expect paving on other streets to start as early as tomorrow, Saturday morning, and continue through next week weather permitting.  No Parking signs are posted. Please adhere to the notices. Thank you.

Pond issue update

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On Saturday, August 28, our pond care company will be removing the cattails / reeds at the exit way culvert for our South pond (the cement opening that travels under Salisbury Rd.).

We have had significant build-up and blockage because of these nuisance plants and we must cut them down. By doing this, the natural water flow from the South to the North pond will be greatly improved.

If you have further questions, please contact Breck Brown (614-307-9721) and leave a voicemail message.

Repaving Schedule

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It’s paving time! Please see the below attachment with the Liberty Township paving schedule that began on Aug. 18, 2021 and continues to Sept. 4, 2021. Be sure pay attention to the no parking signs so you don’t get towed!

2021 Paving Schedule

Flashing Stop Signs

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We are exited to share new flashing stop signs have been installed at Salisbury & Manchester. Many residents have been concerned about people running stop signs at that intersections, especially so close to Tyler Run where many kids are walking and riding their bikes. Your HOA members advocated for signs and the township installed them this week just in time for the start of school! In addition, we’ve worked with the Sheriff’s department for increased patrols to catch people speeding & running stop signs.

Yard Sale THIS Weekend–Get a sign for your yard!

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Are you ready to sell your old stuff! We are excited to share Liberty Lakes is partnering with six other subdivisions for a community yard sale and food truck festival on August 6-7, 2021! Any home may take part.

Shaun Simpson donated signs for the event and Liberty Lakes received around 15. Some will be used for the neighborhood entrances but if you are taking part and would like to put a sign in your yard, you can pick up at the home of Melanie Farkas (3355 Waltham Court). They will be stacked next to the garage starting Wednesday morning and will be out until they’re gone!

Don’t forget to visit the food trucks on Saturday, August 7 from 11am-2pm. We hope this large community yard sale and food truck fest will be a success and something we continue to do in the future!

Here is the Facebook event if you’d like to share it:

Questions? Send them to

Tree root damage to sidewalks

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Many residents are experiencing issues with the roots of the trees planted in the area between the sidewalk and street causing damage to the sidewalks. As you may know, the upkeep of the sidewalk trees and any damage to the sidewalks are the responsibility of the homeowner. 

If you decide to replace your tree, there is no HOA requirement on the type of tree and HOA approval is not needed. We hope to provide some helpful information that will reduce any future damage and need for you to pay for repairs.

We spoke with a certified arborist with the Dawes Arboretum and he provided this list of recommended trees that are ideal for neighborhood street trees because they are slow growing and their roots will grow deeper. He also provided several additional tips.

  • The ideal time to plant a tree is when it is around six to seven feet tall and one inch to one and a half caliper (diameter at breast height). 
  • He recommended planting a variety of trees in the neighborhood rather than deciding on one particular tree type, because occasionally a disease or pest damages certain trees and can wipe out entire streets.
  • He recommended against fruit trees of any kind.
  • The attached image has some additional tips on planting and mulching to help the tree stay healthy.

You are not required to choose from the list of trees but we are offering recommendations from an expert to hopefully reduce the risk of future sidewalk damage. Feel free to contact us with any questions at