Tree root damage to sidewalks

Many residents are experiencing issues with the roots of the trees planted in the area between the sidewalk and street causing damage to the sidewalks. As you may know, the upkeep of the sidewalk trees and any damage to the sidewalks are the responsibility of the homeowner. 

If you decide to replace your tree, there is no HOA requirement on the type of tree and HOA approval is not needed. We hope to provide some helpful information that will reduce any future damage and need for you to pay for repairs.

We spoke with a certified arborist with the Dawes Arboretum and he provided this list of recommended trees that are ideal for neighborhood street trees because they are slow growing and their roots will grow deeper. He also provided several additional tips.

  • The ideal time to plant a tree is when it is around six to seven feet tall and one inch to one and a half caliper (diameter at breast height). 
  • He recommended planting a variety of trees in the neighborhood rather than deciding on one particular tree type, because occasionally a disease or pest damages certain trees and can wipe out entire streets.
  • He recommended against fruit trees of any kind.
  • The attached image has some additional tips on planting and mulching to help the tree stay healthy.

You are not required to choose from the list of trees but we are offering recommendations from an expert to hopefully reduce the risk of future sidewalk damage. Feel free to contact us with any questions at

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