Community Update

Residents your Board would like to take this opportunity to keep you informed on an important topic that is being discussed within our greater community of Liberty Township. Earlier tonight there was a discussion with the Township Trustees to have Delaware County EMS provide EMS services to our community as opposed to keeping Liberty EMS services.
We would like to encourage you to become knowledgeable about the proposal and regardless of your position on the issue to be a part of the discussion. Below are some resources that could be helpful in keeping up to date on the topic.
Please note I have just tried to find good sources of information using these sources is not an advocacy for a specific position on this topic. If you have additional sources that provide additional details please feel free to message those to us. Thank you community members!
ABC News Reports:
Delaware County Reports:
Liberty Township EMS Proposal
EMS County Master Plan
Liberty Township Notes:
Videos from the December 3 Liberty Township Meeting
Future Liberty Township Agenda
Liberty Township Minutes

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