LLHOA Meeting Meeting August 29, 2017

Liberty Lakes Homeowners Association Minutes


August 29, 2017

Tyler Run Shelter House

6:30-7:30 p.m.

Present: Susan Hayes, Jeff Smith, Bill Carman,  Lyna Smith, Greg Cliffel, Ken McAleb

Absent:  Amanda Compton, Sam Kocher, Tim Tanis, Brenden Gallagher

Topics of Discussion

Budget and Assessments:   Treasurer’s Report presented along with discussion on budget surpluses.  Direction to send all billings to the P.O. Box so that payments can be made promptly.

Approvals:  None

Social:    There was discussion of some form of welcome packet that could be put together for new homeowners and provided to the title companies.  While there was general thought that it was a good idea, not clear anyone has the current time to do so.  Additional thought will be put into this matter.  We can revisit it as we get notices of home sales.  Limited discussion of Halloween party—food.  Will take back up at next meeting to see if there is an interest in putting it together.

Landscape:  Ken McAleb is still waiting on bids for work on the pillars.  There was a vote to fertilize all trees on Salisbury within our community which was unanimously approved.  Discussion of the paths and weeds.  Will see about getting them treated so as to kill the weeds.  A product called Restore4 was brought up as a solution to the staining problem on the fence line along Liberty.

Lakes:  No problems at this time.

Website:   Need to get notices up for yard waste and debris not to go into the drainage to the lake and to bring in trash cans after trash day.

Next meeting:   The next meeting will be  Oct/03/2017  at 6:30 p.m. at  Tyler Run Shelter House or TBD if inclement weather.

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