Annual Meeting February 27, 2017

Present: Susan Hayes, Jeff Smith, Sam Kocher, Amanda Compton, Bill Carman, Brenden Gallagher, Lyna Smith

Absent:  None

Topics of Discussion

Budget and Assessments:   Budget and 2017 proposed budget provided to all who attended addressing any questions on the income and expenses.

Approvals:  None.

Social:  Discussion with those present of priorities for the neighborhood.  Discussion of Easter Egg Hunt.  Susan will talk with former trustee Tracy Halker on whether they want to put it together for this year.  Some discussion on neighborhood block party was had with discussion of why it has not always worked in the past.  Mention of the Haloween party or fall party successes of past and will try to put that together in the upcoming year.

Landscape:  Discussion about this being the biggest expense for the association and that we are in the final year of the term with the current company.  Much praise was given for the current vendor (Hidden Creeks).

Lakes:  Amanda reported on the past years expenses with the fountain and that it would be up and running in March or April (as unit is stored over the winter with Aqua Docs).  Similar quote for treatment was received and approved.  The lakes did well this year with only a couple of complaints on algae.

Website:   Notice of meeting will be placed on the site.

New Business:  Discussion of WOW cable in the area or ideas of group discounting with some of the problems homeowners have been experiencing with Time Warner now Spectrum.  Not certain of coverage area.  Will be a matter to take up at the  next meeting. Several attendees expressed interest on serving on the board if needed.  They will be reached out to for the next meeting to check on interest.

Reminders: Our lakes are catch & release only. Also when mowing the tree lawn to please direct mower inward toward the yard and not into the street. This will help the lakes.

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