Hello Neighbor – September 2016

Autumn is coming. 


It’s about that time of year when our trees fill up the yards and gutters with leaves. While the leaves clogging the downspouts cause their own trouble, the leaves in the street cause even more for our ponds. Leaves in the gutter can block the storm sewers and cause overflow to fill the ponds with leaves and other gunk. The county does not remove leaves left in the street so they should be mulched into the yard or bagged for removal. This allows the rains full access to the storm sewers and help keep our pond looking great. Thanks in advance for keeping Liberty Lakes beautiful!


Volunteers still needed.

Phase I’s covenant comes due for renewal Dec. 31 of this year. We are looking for residents of Phase I (the oldest section of our neighborhood) to volunteer for a committee to review the covenant for possible changes. Betsy Smith will lead the new committee which will bring any suggestions to the board. Any volunteers should contactBetsy Smith  blehsmith@yahoo.com.

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