Condo Update – Jan 2016


I attended the Liberty Township Zoning meeting on December 21 at the Township Hall. The Epcon Condo proposal was the major issue on the night’s agenda. The hall was packed with neighbors from Wedgewood Place and a couple of people from Bainbridge Mills. Wedgewood Place neighbors sought to defeat the proposal for rezoning due to the fear of drainage problems and the issue of density. A number of residents spoke. Bainbridge Mills residents spoke to increased traffic and desiring Waterbury Lane to be extended into the Hardin / Church property. This would have resulted in increased traffic through our neighborhood. A number of realtors spoke to the need for condo housing with the demand for this type of housing being great. I spoke for the proposal stating that Epcon had made adjustments for density, drainage, parking, lighting, and had maintained good communication during this process. A major fear was that this land will be developed and multi-family housing is always a possibility.

The trustees then openly discussed the pro’s and con’s of the rezoning proposal.
It became apparent that the fear of what the land could be used for was paramount. The trustees then voted 2-1 to accept the Epcon Condo proposal.
I believe that the condo community will be developed beautifully and will be a positive for our community.

Jeff Smith LLHOA Board Member

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