June 2015 Meeting Minutes

Liberty Lakes Homeowners Association Minutes

June 24, 2015

Tyler Run Shelter

6:30-7:30 p.m.

Present: Susan Hayes, Tracy Halker, Jeff Smith, Bill Carman, Sam Kocher, Kerry Daly

Absent: Brenden Gallagher, Amanda Compton;

Topics of Discussion

Approvals: 10452 Rochelle Drive patio and pergola—5 present for vote.

Social: No discussion

Landscape: There was additional discussion of the paths and drainage issues along Salisbury. It was determined that the placement of a stone at Salisbury is unworkable with the current right of way and property lines. Discussion of a possible easement in the R/W was made and Jeff will discuss with Township the next time he talks with them. Bike path repair/replacement was further discussed with an estimate provided. Susan and Tracy will obtain additional estimates so we can better understand the costs. It is believed right now the worst portion is between Torrington and the middle of the North pond. Susan will check with school district on whether grant money is available also to assist with cost. There was question of why St. Joan did not have to connect with our path when they did their improvements. We will try to send details by e-mail to consider what to do this season if possible.   Trees on entrance a problem. Initially said stressed from lack of water but most on board did not agree given our rain this season. The trees have never really looked good so question of replacing. There are around 12 trees to consider so it will be a cost.

Lakes: No discussion.

Website: Notice for township Meeting will be posted.

New Business: Question of street tree by Kerry’s neighbors whether it should be replaced. The Liberty township uses area to pile snow and so no trees have survived in that area. Board members will assess the area.

Old Business:  Attended the Liberty township Meeting regarding EPCON. Many spoke.

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