Questions & Answers

Questions from Residents – Answers from the board:

  • Where can I find information on repairing or replacing my mailbox?
    Check out the new Mailbox Info page for Liberty Lakes mailbox standards.
  • Where can I find information about the deed restrictions?
    See our Documents page for our Restrictive Covenants and Article of Incorporation. These are not good reading, but at least they are online.
  • Who are our board trustees and their e-mail addresses?
    The LLHA Board members are Susan Hayes, Jeffrey Smith, Tracy Halker, Kery Daly, Amanda Compton, and Sam Kocher. Our email address is
  • What company is taking care of the lakes and grass?
    Aqua Docs maintains our ponds and Hidden Creek is in charge of the lawn care this year. We will be seeking bids for next year.
  • When and where are the board meetings for the year and can anyone attend?
    Board meetings are typically 1 x per month or as needed.  They are not generally open to the public but if a resident wants to attend or express something to the board they certainly can. There is an annual meeting usually in February and we will send out an email and post the date on our sandwich boards.
  • When will meeting minutes be posted?
  • It would be nice to have a neighborhood directory and meet and greet block party this Fall!
    Jeffrey Smith was trying to put together an updated directory.  We have done in the past but have not updated one for several years. The block party was nixed by some of the board and those at the annual meeting did not express a big desire although if there is enough interest it would be a good idea.  Just maybe not to use our funds for such, but just to organize it. People wanting to help organize it should contact us at

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