Sawmill Baptist Condo Update

During the July 13 meeting at the former Sawmill Baptist church Joel Rhodes, the Epcon representative, presented their revised proposal.  It called for two retention ponds placed toward the center of the property.  The condo number was reduced from 69 to 64.  The setbacks were changed to 50′.  The proposed parking spaces in several perimeter areas were removed.  Lighting along the new streets would be minimal.  The walkway along the southern boundary was eliminated.  The retention ponds would still drain into the Wedgewood Place system’s ponds.  Epcon still does not desire connecting their road to Waterbury Lane.

The general feeling of those attending was still to reduce the density further.  Proper drainage was a necessary issue and all neighbors recognized that condos were better than higher density housing.

The next Township meeting is scheduled for Aug. 19, at 7:30 at the Liberty Township Hall. 

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