Keeping Our Lakes Pristine

Hi neighbors! As we move from fall to winter please remember we still have a few trees in the community losing their leaves. So, please keep your curb gutters free of leaves and other debris. This ensures our beautiful lakes stay clean and that fresh rain water flows to them keeping them healthy and deep.

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2 comments on “Keeping Our Lakes Pristine
  1. Audrey Denk says:

    I noticed that the pumps in the south pond are still activated. They need to be turned off for the winter season to allow the pond to fully freeze. In the past, curious children and pets have ventured on the ice to reach the open water areas. Recall: a neighborhood dog was drowning a few years ago, my husband went to save him, nearly drowned himself without the miraculous and heroic assistance of our friend and neighbor! Please have the pumps deactivated. Liberty Township Fire Dept (upon their call to the emergency) commented that all aerating system should be off in the winter for this safety reason. Please send a reply back to me for peace of mind that this will be addressed asap. Ice on the pond today. Please do not delay. Thank you!

  2. Pete Olms says:

    Is ice skating permitted on the lakes?

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