Volunteers Needed – August 2016


Phase I’s covenant comes due for renewal Dec. 31 of this year. We are looking for residents of Phase I (the oldest section of our neighborhood) to volunteer for a committee to review the covenant for possible changes. Betsy Smith will lead the new committee which will bring any suggestions to the board. Any volunteers should contact Betsy Smith  blehsmith@yahoo.com.

Small Business meeting prior to Annual Meeting

Liberty Lakes Homeowners Association Minutes

Date: March 9, 2016

Place: Flyer’s Pizza Community Room

Time: 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Present: Susan Hayes, Jeff Smith, Bill Carman, Sam Kocher, Kerry Daly

Absent: Amanda Compton, Tracy Halker, Brenden Gallagher

Topics of Discussion

Budget and Assessments: Budget and Assessment are considered private matters for homeowners. Homeowner’s may request this information from the board.

Approvals: None.

Social: Easter Egg Hunt will be on the 20th unless weather is a problem Tracy Halker will get sign boards to advertise and take care of set-up. It is usually well received,

Landscape: Hidden Creeks will be billing monthly for services this year. Discussion of mulching : too much mulching around the Salisbury trees. Some investigation of the irrigation system at the entrance needs to be done.

Lakes: Fountain and bubblers placed back in pond and activated by Aquadocs.

Website: None.

New Business: Tracy Halker and Susan Hayes expressed interest in going off the board, having served their 3 year term. Lyna Smith volunteered to consider becoming a board member and will attend the next scheduled meeting. Concern over storage pods being in driveways too long and garbage cans left out too long. Roundabout at Jewett and Liberty was also discussed

Old Business:  Annual meeting notices and invoices went out as scheduled. P.O. Box will be checked after April 1, 2016 for any needed late assessments. EPCON proposal and status discussed at the full annual meeting.

Liberty Lakes Homeowners Association Minutes – January 12, 2016

Liberty Lakes Homeowners Association Minutes

January 12, 2016

Flyer’s Pizza Community Room

6:30-7:30 p.m.

Present: Susan Hayes, Jeff Smith, Bill Carman, Amanda Compton, Brenden Gallagher

Absent: Sam Kocher, Tracy Halker, Kerry Daly

Topics of Discussion

Budget and Assessments: Treasurer not present but draft of annual budget was reviewed. There are a couple changes that need to go into the final draft and will be taken care of prior to submission with annual meeting notice.

Approvals: 3485 Brockton Court driveway extension was approved.

3291 Brentwood Drive—cedar fence request denied. Request to change to aluminum black. (Ultimately approved with this change).

Social: No discussion

Landscape: Paths plowed today and will be plowed if significant enough snow is covering throughout the winter.

Lakes: Confirmation that bubblers turned off for the winter.

Website: It was suggested that posts to the website have some method of approval: It was approved that if both Co-Chairs approve then the matter will be posted. There was concern over whether the method of posting was too subjective.

New Business: Annual Meeting notice will go out after receipt of the budget and letter from Jeff Smith along with a listing of accomplishments.  Kerry Daly will provide the envelopes, mailing list and stamps and Susan Hayes will see that the annual meeting notice, invoices, budget and letter are mailed out. She will also put up the signs throughout the neighborhood. There is still a need for new people to fill roles on the board, as members will be going off soon.

Old Business: None

Next meeting: The next meeting will be prior to the annual meeting scheduled for 3/9/2016 at 6:30 (with annual meeting to begin at 7:00 p.m.) Pizza and soda will be provided.

Nextdoor website info


The neighborhood website “NextDoor” has recently started a page devoted to Liberty Lakes. Nextdoor is a social networking service for neighborhoods in the United States. It allows users to connect with people who live in their neighborhood and nearby neighborhoods. It offers local police news reports specific to our neighborhood, requests between neighbors like babysitting offered and needed, and much more.

If you are interested please click on: Check it Out

Condo Update – Jan 2016


I attended the Liberty Township Zoning meeting on December 21 at the Township Hall. The Epcon Condo proposal was the major issue on the night’s agenda. The hall was packed with neighbors from Wedgewood Place and a couple of people from Bainbridge Mills. Wedgewood Place neighbors sought to defeat the proposal for rezoning due to the fear of drainage problems and the issue of density. A number of residents spoke. Bainbridge Mills residents spoke to increased traffic and desiring Waterbury Lane to be extended into the Hardin / Church property. This would have resulted in increased traffic through our neighborhood. A number of realtors spoke to the need for condo housing with the demand for this type of housing being great. I spoke for the proposal stating that Epcon had made adjustments for density, drainage, parking, lighting, and had maintained good communication during this process. A major fear was that this land will be developed and multi-family housing is always a possibility.

The trustees then openly discussed the pro’s and con’s of the rezoning proposal.
It became apparent that the fear of what the land could be used for was paramount. The trustees then voted 2-1 to accept the Epcon Condo proposal.
I believe that the condo community will be developed beautifully and will be a positive for our community.

Jeff Smith LLHOA Board Member

A message from our neighbor.


Dear Neighbors,

As we have been spending a lot time talking about zoning and property sales and condos, etc. this year, I wanted to take an opportunity to invite members of Liberty Lakes Home Owner’s Association to Sawmill Baptist Church’s 2015 Christmas Cantata, “Images of Adoration.” The cantata is focused on seeing the image of Christ in the symbols of Christmas.

I have attached an advertising flyer below with more information, including a request for donations for the Dublin Food Pantry. I hope you will be able to join us for this special event.

Pastor David Nuhfer

2015 Christmas Cantata

Fall Update 2015


Talking with Pastor David Nuhfer, We have learned that Epcon Communities and Delco Water and Sewage are negotiating a possible impasse. Tuesday, December 7th is the Township meeting with the Epcon Condo proposal on the agenda. The other two neighborhoods are still of the belief that single housing with lots as large as ours is still feasible financially for a developer.

Deep root fertilization of our twelve trees on Salisbury has been performed. We decided to forgo the water bags for the trees and count on the usual rainy Ohio fall to provide free watering.

Hidden Creek has been selected for our landscaping services for the next two years.

Earth Art will be doing our sidewalk shoveling whenever there is two inches or more of snow.

Aqua Docs will soon turn off the bubblers and remove the fountain and store it for the winter.